Jesse Bolden, District #3

District #3, Commissioner Hancock County

A retired educator Jesse Bolden is a graduate of Virginia Union University, with a BA degree in American History (1972). Following his undergraduate studies at Virginia Union, he continued his studies at the University of Virginia and completed the MA degree in American History in 1983. In 2005, Bolden earned the Ph.D. in the area of American and Southern History from University of Virginia. In 2010, Bolden, an ordained minister, completed the Doctor of Ministry degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary. Currently, Bolden is the pastor Ogeechee (In God’s Time) Ministries of God, Mayfield, Georgia (Hancock County).

Bolden believes that Hancock County will be lifted high through the initiative of private enterprise. His motto is “Never mind where we are now. Let’s focus on what we can do to lift ourselves up.” From the perspective of Bolden, the role of government is only as facilitator. Bolden perceives capitalism as a creative force that has been responsible for revolutionary changes in America and throughout the world. If capitalism is to work, however, the democratic process and the educational system must labor effectively, thereby releasing the full potential of the American entrepreneurial spirit.