Contact Us

Commissioners' Office  706.444.5746
For General questions regarding Hancock County government & the operator can direct you to the appropriate department

Tax Commissioners  706.444.5148
Ad Valorem tax, car tags, etc and other tax questions can be handled by Ms. Kendrick and his staff.

Tax Assessors  706.444.5721
Questions about real estate property tax or the revaluation process can be answered by the Chief Appraiser Arthur Lawson

Probate Court  706.444.5343
Honorable Judge Sabrina Lamar presides over probate & traffic matters and can answer questions regarding Vital Records, Marriage License, Election, etc.

Superior Court  706.444.6644
The Clerk of Superior Court Lashauna R. Jackson and her staff handles information relative to property deeds, plats for land, etc.

Magistrate Court   706.444.6234
Honorable Judge Shirley Ingram and staff are responsible for warrant applications, civil claims, garnishments, bad check citations, FIFA, etc.

Voter Registration  706.444.5259
The Staff is responsible for voter registration and absentee voting for all local, state, and federal elections

Senior Center  706.444.7532
Ms. Kia and staff provides numerous services to the senior citizens, this office is located off of Water Works roads.

Road Department  706.444.5046
The Public Works team can assist you with any questions you have about roads, reporting road issues, such as drainage, road base, and other concerns covering the county roads.

Park & Recreation  706.444.5746
Mr. Larry Horton and staff provides recreation leisure at The Hancock County Park & Recreation Authority located on Fairmont Road in Sparta.

Water Department  706.444.5746
Mr. Curtis Walker and staff of The Water Department is located in the county court house and here is where you find the answer to questions regarding your water bill, establishing new services, etc.

Sheriff Department   706.444.6471

E-911 Center 911  
The Hancock County enhanced 911 is a agency that handles all Georgia Crime Information Center liaisons for the Hancock County Sheriff’s office, Emergency Management Agency , Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Medical Services  706.444.7575
Run by the county the local EMS services are headquartered in Sparta under the direction of Grady EMS.

Health Department   706.444.6616
The Health Department is part of the North Central Health District of central Georgia. It provides preventive healthcare services to the whole community.

Board of Education  706.444.5775