Board of Elections

Hancock County

Early/Advanced Voting

Elections Advanced Voting Start Date Advanced Voting End Date
Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) 02/19/24 3/8/2024
General Primary/Nonpartisan Election 04/29/24 5/17/2024
General Primary/Nonpartisan Runoff ASAP, but no later than 6/10/24 06/14/2024
General Runoff for Federal Offices ASAP, but no later than 6/10/24 06/14/2024
General Election 10/14/24 11/01/2024
General Runoff ASAP, but not later than 11/25/24 11/27/2024
General Runoff for Federal Offices ASAP, but not later than 11/25/24 11/27/2024

Election Dates

Elections Election Date
Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) March 12, 2024
General Primary/Nonpartisan Election May 21, 2024
General Primary/Nonpartisan Runoff June 18, 2024
General Runoff for Federal Offices June 18, 2024
General Election November 5, 2024
General Runoff December 3, 2024
General Runoff for Federal Offices December 3, 2024

Voting Precincts & Locations

Elections Election Date
1A Devereux Fire Station 3841 Hwy 22
1B St. Mark 124 St. Mark Church Rd
2A Courthouse 10571 Hwy 15 N
2B Second Beulah 3014 Beulah Hwy
3A Mayfield Community Center 165 Mayfield Church LN
3B Power of God 9511 Hwy 16 W
3C Warren Chapel 78 Warren Rd
4A Youth Center 12560 Augusta Hwy E
4B Second Darrien 11646 Linton Rd
4C Sparta 4C 4933 Hickory Grove Church Rd

Absentee Ballot Requests

The Voter Registration Department handles all absentee ballot application requests, questions, and concerns. Please use the link below to contact their office by email, phone, or fax.

Hancock County Board of Elections and Registration

Voter Registration Details

The Board of Hancock County functions as the superintendent of elections and conducts primaries and elections in accordance with State law. The Board performs all services and functions necessary to support the election process. The Board establishes boundaries for voting precincts, secures facilities to serve as polling locations for these precincts, recruits, selects, hires, trains and assigns personnel to serve as poll officials. The board also conducts qualification for candidates, develops ballots for elections, acquires, maintains, prepares and delivers equipment used to conduct elections, publicizes notices as required by law and maintains elections records.

Board Members

Election Supervisor

Chief Deputy Registrar

Meeting Notice

The Board of Election and Registration meets the second Thursday of each month at the Youth Opportunity Center/Skating Rink located at 12560 Augusta Hwy E. The meeting begins at 5:00pm.

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