Board of Commissioners

The Hancock County Board of Commissioners is responsible for the administration of the county business. Hancock County Board of Commissioners is the county governing authority as outlined by state law working to ensure that adequate leadership & service programs are provided to meet the needs of the citizens.

Board of Commissioners

12630 Broad Street
Sparta, GA 31087
Phone: 706-444-5746
Fax: 706-444-6221
Monday through Friday 8:00 am. to 5:00 p.m.
800.255.0135 TDD

Helen G. (Sistie) Hudson


Ext. 2002

Gloria Cooper

District 1 Commissioner

Phone: 706-444-7335

Steve Hill

District 2 Commissioner

Phone: 706-444-6320

Terrell “Ted” Reid

District 3 Commissioner


Randolph Clayton

District 4 Commissioner

Phone: 706-444-7251