Planning and Zoning

The Hancock County Department of Planning & Zoning was established under Georgia law to assist the County Board of Commissioners via a county Planning Commission to decide land use issues that would be in the long term best interest of the county. The Planning & Zoning Department achieves this through the application of the county's Comprehensive Plan which serves as the overall guide for the development of the county, while the Hancock County Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Development Regulation and the county's Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance provide specific detail as to how proposed developments are to take place.
Applications for the rezoning of property, for special land uses, and variances are accepted and reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Department, and then brought before the Planning Commission at a Public Hearing for recommendation to the Board of Commissioners for appropriate action. The Planning and Zoning Department also receives, reviews and prepares for Public Hearings preliminary and final plats which are to be acted upon by the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.

Planning & Zoning

40 Courthouse Square
Sparta, GA 31087

Mail to: PO Box 291
Sparta, GA 31087
Phone: 706-444-0978
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Teresa Andrews

Planning & Zoning Director